Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cats that look like Gary Glitter

Why are so many crafters also cat lovers? My cat is always there getting on my nerves..
A question that I keep myself asking when reading other sewing Blogs is: Why are so many seamstresses also cat lovers? Cats are quite impractical when it comes to sewing. They love it to sit on the fabric and my cat as shown above, becomes quite angry when I need it for sewing. I have a really tiny sewing table and when I try to sew she is always there fishing for attention. And of course a cat loves it to play with yarn or pins, making a mess of your sewing supplies. I even have to fear to get hurt when she is not getting enough attention. And when I want her to leave it is even worse. Please don't misunderstand me I really love her and enjoy her company, but she is a really pain in the ass when I simply want to sew. So what is it with the sewing and the cats? A dog would be easier at this point. Or do you all have nice and patient cats that are not interested in interrupting your craft?

At the moment as you can see I'm working on a trashy sequin suit as a stage outfit for someone playing in a band. The sequin fabric is glued so I have to take care of my needles and I really hope this fabric is not making the knife of my serger dull. I have to finish it until Saturday so I'm hoping for less "help" from the cat.

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