Friday, 9 May 2014

Me-Made-May #2 Colette Ginger Skirt

Ghostly Me after a long working day

So this Ginger Skirt is worn a lot, but never made it's way to the Blogosphere. It is made out of a navy suiting fabric - a fabric remnant bought at the haberdashery section of Karstadt (a German Warehouse). And it is my first lined skirt! I lined it in a trial and error process. I'm not totally satisfied how it turned out, but I learned a lot - so the next lining will look much nicer. And anyway who cares? It's hidden inside! Over all I'm quite satisfied with the result. Maybe I will cut the next Ginger half a size bigger cause it is just a tiny bit tight.

The pattern and the instructions are wonderful. Colette Patterns (and other Indie pattern companies) are made with so much thought and love - it encourages people to sew and enjoy it. Without Colette I would never ever finished a garment. I never understood the Burda instructions although they are written in my mother tongue - German. My first Burda attempts were really frustrating. I'm so grateful for Colette Patterns -  I want to give them a virtual hug.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Me-Made-May'14 #1 Comfy sunday

So this is me finally with a photo of myself wearing a (partly) Me-Made-Outfit (and hoping to be much more relaxed being photographed in the future).

 This was actually the first dress I made during a workshop at the Etsy Labs in Berlin, the workshop was held by Sarah from Stoffe Meyer back in 2011. The fabric was a super cheap last minute buy - especially for this occasion. ( I just started sewing clothes for myself and mostly had printed Quilting Cottons in my stash.) The funny thing is that the fabric once had a dark navy colour but it started rubbing off immediately while sewing and left my fingers blue and even the sewing machines were stained. So lesson learned! Never buying low quality fabric again and always prewash first.
But despite the now bleached out fabric I actually wear it a lot- so much that it already started to fall apart. Because of its loose fit it is perfect for those days when you just want something cosy to pair with a cardigan and some tights. Now that I finally started sewing knits I plan to make a lot of Cocos and Monetas.  To have a  lot of comfy, yet chic dresses for days I don't want to think a lot of what to wear.