Friday, 9 May 2014

Me-Made-May #2 Colette Ginger Skirt

Ghostly Me after a long working day

So this Ginger Skirt is worn a lot, but never made it's way to the Blogosphere. It is made out of a navy suiting fabric - a fabric remnant bought at the haberdashery section of Karstadt (a German Warehouse). And it is my first lined skirt! I lined it in a trial and error process. I'm not totally satisfied how it turned out, but I learned a lot - so the next lining will look much nicer. And anyway who cares? It's hidden inside! Over all I'm quite satisfied with the result. Maybe I will cut the next Ginger half a size bigger cause it is just a tiny bit tight.

The pattern and the instructions are wonderful. Colette Patterns (and other Indie pattern companies) are made with so much thought and love - it encourages people to sew and enjoy it. Without Colette I would never ever finished a garment. I never understood the Burda instructions although they are written in my mother tongue - German. My first Burda attempts were really frustrating. I'm so grateful for Colette Patterns -  I want to give them a virtual hug.

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