Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A long time ago... Pannonica and other updates

Pannonica Rothschild

So much happened in that last year since I blogged for the last time. It maybe was not my favourite year ever but I also have some nice memories.

Soon I will share my recent sewing projects. ( you know photography isn't my biggest strength, but I will try).
I just finished a navy Ginger skirt that I would like to share (my first lined skirt). The next big thing will be the Zinnia skirt in a lovely navy batiste.

Yes I know navy again - how boring. But it is so versatile in combination with brighter colours and printed blouses, colourful tights etc.......
I bought this fabric at Lebenskleidung. They only sell organic and fair trade fabrics which is really  gorgeous since I try to step away from buying ordinary fabrics.
And of course there is a lot of present making going on and I hope I will find the time to make something special for everyone.

And I finally learned how to crochet but knitting still makes me swoon. Two needles are just too much. But I will try again.

And tada....... (drum-roll) I got a lovely ukulele for my birthday and I started practicing (I never really played an instrument before) . Such a lovely instrument should have a name and mine is called Pannonica (Rothschild / de Koenigswarter).

No, I won't play any jazz and maybe it sounds a bit silly. I just read a lot about her and I can't stop admiring her strength and love for the jazz artists and outcasts. You simply can't get enough inspiration from such great ladies. There is a great article about her on Zeit online (in German).

Maybe I should write more often about inspiring women? I have some on my mind.

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