Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tiny sewing space

I already spoke about my fear of never taking good photos. I read so many beautiful and professional looking blogs and it intimidates me so much that I never started this blog properly. I need to leave that behind.  And I start with my built-in-sewing space, which is really tricky to photograph because of the lack of natural light. Yesterday I tidied it up a little bit, so it's ready to be shown. 

I planned it together with my husband to make the most of this tiny space (althoug he does most of the work cause he is a joiner). The best part is that I am simply able to close the doors to leave my unfinished projects at a safe place. We mostly used materials we had already. We found the doors on the street and the tabletop was once a kitchen worktop. Same with the Ikea shelves, they only needed a reinforced hanging construction with metal chains because the original Ikea hanging is not able to support such an amount of weight.
Let's have a deeper look.

 The insides of the doors give me the opportunity to pin some ideas and hang some tools and materials.
This is the only part of our flat where everything is mine, where I do not need to compromise in any way. Sometimes this is life saving after a stressful family day. I do not only store practical tools fabric etc. I also surround myself with loving family memories and beautiful stuff that makes me smile. My serger is stored on the shelf because there is not enough space on my desk. The only not so appealing fact about my space is that it is built in our corridor which means very little natural light and people, cats and rabbits walking by (which is a really cute distraction). 

Topic change:
I want to challenge myself. As I said before taking photos of my projects isn't my biggest strength. Next month the awesome Zoe hosts the Me-Made-May and I'm taking part. It is a wonderful chance to be aware of what you already made and what you learned so far. I want to wear something made by myself at least twice a week for the duration of May 2014' and I'm willing to document my outfits here.  

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  1. I love your space! The colors are great and everything looks so organized!

    Good luck with Me Made May! I signed up too, and I'm both nervous and excited all at the same time!